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New Oklahoma DUI Driver’s License Revocation Changes. 

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Experience. It matters!

Kelly is a former prosecutor with over 20 years of experience. He has dedicated his life to helping the accused. He knows his judges and the prosecutors.

Reviews. They matter!

Unlike other Criminal Defense attorneys, we never solicit reviews from our clients, because we believe it is counterproductive to erasing their past. However, the fact that we have never had a negative review says it all.

Success. It matters!

Kelly has a proven track record of winning. He has the impeccable record of never losing a trial as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney.

Price. It matters!

We charge a reasonable flat fee that includes all filing fees and expenses. We offer a free case evaluation and will even do payment plans

Benefits of an Expungement

For many an expungement is a fresh start.  An expungement seals your criminal record from public view. Under Oklahoma law, the criminal “actions shall be deemed never to have occurred.”

Expunging your record means that you:

Do not have to say that you have a criminal record on job applications.

Cannot be denied a job or housing for refusing to show an expunged record.

Records of your arrest will be removed from OSCN searches

Your case should be removed from background searches.